Essential oil Laurel


Essential oil Laurel

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It is a tree well known in Greece since antiquity that was dedicated to the God Apollo.

The essential oil of laurel stems from the distillation of its leaves and has a special aroma. Oil rich in fatty acids and vitamin E has a particularly stimulating effect on the hair structure and hair health. You can use it to combat baldness diluted in shampoo 0 PH (such as children) by massaging the scalp until hyperemia is created. Leave it to act a few minutes and then rinse. Repeat as often as possible to get the desired result.

It has been very effective in cases of mental fatigue because it stimulates the brain function. It is used even in situations of cold, flu, tonsillitis, rheumatic diseases and dermatitis.

Safe use: Use it always diluted in small doses.

It is not a medicine. Consult your doctor.

For external use.

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