Essential oil Peppermint


Essential oil Peppermint

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The essential oil of peppermint is obtained by distillation of its leaves and used for inhalations, gargles, massage, and as a deodorant.

Do inhalations with essential oil of peppermint to experience nausea and drowsiness and you will see immediate and impressive results.

Treat migraine by massaging temples with 1-2 drops of peppermint diluted in spoonful oil. By the same recipe you can make and rubs in cases of cold and flu.

Add 2-3 drops of mint in a glass of water and gargle to freshen breath and treat bad breath.

Perfume the space with 3-4 drops of mint to freshen it and enjoy its rejuvenating properties.

Safe use: Use it always diluted in small doses. Avoid swallowing.

It is not a medicine. Consult your doctor.

For external use.

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